Things to consider when renting a car

Things to consider when renting a car

Things to consider when renting a car

1) Check Vehicle Insurance, Insurance and Vehicle contract

 As Kayseri Car Rental, we strongly recommend that you do not rent uninsured or non-insured vehicles. This is the most important point. In particular, vehicles whose insurance has never been paid or renewed can make you pay big prices in a possible accident. You need to make sure that the car you rented has Rent a Car insurance. Car rental agreements, on the other hand, are official documents that are often overlooked but must be read in their entirety. In this contract, there are articles regarding the expectations of the company from you and the delivery of the vehicle. In the event of an accident, the contract made for you is of great importance. It will be in your best interest to read the contract without signing it, rather than reading it after being a victim. Read carefully when you have to deliver the vehicle and the penalties you will have to pay for delays.

 2) Beware of scammers whose price is quite cheap

There are many scammers who deceive people, especially by giving very reasonable prices and trying to attract customers. These scammers first give you a price well below the market, and then they ask you to send a deposit money by stating that you have rented the vehicle. After receiving the deposit money, you can never reach these scammers. Here are the important points you should pay attention to:

- Check the link address of the page you want to rent a car in Kayseri, there should be no different non-original letters in the site name. For example, instead of

-Check the contact address of the site where car rental will be made in Kayseri. Do not rent a car from companies that do not have any location address on google maps.

-Make sure that the contact number of the web page where Kayseri car rental will be made is the numbers of operators used in Turkey. There may be too many scam companies on 0 850 lines.

-Be careful that the company from which you will buy a rental car in Kayseri does not ask you for a deposit, especially from the front. In general, people who take such a deposit up front will not refund you later.

The items listed above are advisory in nature. It is not written by targeting any institution or company.

3) Stay away from renting outdated vehicles

Since cars are made up of mechanical and electrical materials, some parts may wear out or deteriorate over time. When buying a car rental in Kayseri, make sure that the vehicles are in the 0-6 age group. As Kayseri Altunel Rent a Car, we recommend that you stay away from old and neglected vehicles. With the model and well-maintained Kayseri rental cars you will buy from Kayseri Altunel Rent a car, your probability of staying on the road, experiencing technical problems or, worst of all, having an accident is greatly reduced. Model cars will be both safe and comfortable.

4) Check your rental car when you receive it.

After the Kayseri car rental documents are completed, the company representative will deliver the vehicle to you. Walk around your rental car to determine if it has any major dents or dents. Check the seats, console, mirrors in your Kayseri rental car. Check if a light is lit on the car's instrument display. Make a note of the damage you find to the authorized officer. Do not worry about the staff waiting for you, do your checks comfortably. Check and note the fuel level of your Kayseri rental car, and leave it at the same level when delivering the vehicle. We, as Kayseri Altunel car rental, give our rental cars a full warehouse for customer satisfaction and get a full warehouse return. If you buy extra fuel for the Kayseri rental car you bought from other companies, no company will pay for the extra fuel you bought.

All of the above mentioned items are advisory in nature. It is not written by targeting any institution or company. For the most suitable, cheapest and most logical rental options for you, you should definitely get an offer from Kayseri Altunel Rent a Car. We wish you happy days...

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