What is Kayseri famous for?

What is Kayseri famous for?

What is Kayseri famous for?

A sweet start from Kayseri car rental: Nevzine dessert

This dessert, which is quite famous in Kayseri, is usually prepared during the holidays and served to the guests. We invite you to have dessert with your Kayseri rental car, which you can buy at the most affordable prices. It has survived to the present day as an old tradition to serve Nevzine to brides who have just given birth. You can't get enough of the taste of this dessert, of which flour, yogurt, molasses and walnuts are the main ingredients. You can eat this dessert in various restaurants with your Kayseri rental car that you rent from our Kayseri rent a car company.

Makes you forget pizza and lahmacun: Lubrication

Those who eat this flavor unique to Kayseri do not forget its taste. As Kayseri car rental, you should definitely taste this flavor. Think of a mortar with tomato paste, minced meat and onions. That they were served on thin dough. And now imagine that flavor layered on top of each other. Yes, we also crave it every time. Oiling, also known as Kayseri oiling, is one of the indispensable foods on the table when guests come. You can go to famous restaurants to taste the flavor of lubrication with a rental car in Kayseri.

Kayseri ravioli

We came to the first taste that comes to mind when Kayseri is mentioned, namely ravioli! As we mentioned above, the most famous ravioli is meat ravioli. However, the people of Kayseri say don't confuse the ravioli with the ravioli you eat in daily life. Kayseri ravioli was served in a sauce with tomato paste, like a very light soup. You can go to eat this unique taste of Kayseri with the kayseri rental car you rented from kayseri altunel rent a car.

It's actually a pita with cubed: Cıkıklı

It is the name given to the pita with cubed meat in the Develi region of Kayseri. It is a dish identified with the culture of Develi. Today, it is possible to find it in many cities as Develi civıklı. You can taste this flavor in most bakeries with a cheap rental car from Kayseri Altunel rent a car.

Kayseri pastrami and Kayseri sausage

For this unique taste, we would like to write the statement on the official website of Kayseri Municipality: "Meat undergoes various processes for about a month until it becomes pastrami. Fenugreek is an additive that gives its main flavor to bacon. Thanks to the enzymes and organic acids in it, it has very important functions such as preventing the meat from drying out more than necessary by killing the microbes in the bacon, preventing it from smelling and spoiling by cutting off its contact with the air, and preventing the fats in the meat from oxidizing and making the bacon bitter.” we came back to the road... after you have a holiday with the kayseri rental car you bought without renting a car in kayseri, you should definitely take it to your friends or to your home.

A legend of Kayseri Pöç

And we came to one of the legendary dishes of Kayseri, as Kayseri car rental, this flavor is one of the flavors you should definitely taste. Maybe it's a legendary flavor that most of the people of Kayseri don't even know, but that has been eaten for years. In fact, this flavor is known as a meat dish that passed from Iraqi cuisine to Kayseri. Our puck meat, which is cooked in the oven for about 16 hours, is worthy of your taste. It can be a nice dinner alternative for meat lovers. Kayseri rental car and other delicious tastes are as follows:

Options such as Fırınağzı, Pehli, Kayseri Pan, Asude Dessert, Nevzine Dessert are other dishes you can taste in Kayseri. When you come to Kayseri, eggs with bacon and pastrami pastry should be on your list of things to eat. Don't miss the pleasure of eating the world's best pastrami on the spot.

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